We spent our golden day at a fun playground.
During the bus ride from Houston to San Antonio we stopped at a super fun rest stop (rated number 1 in the country).
Traveling back to the tour after 5 great days at home. I got to see my friends and family which was nice. I hadn't been back home for more than 2 days since September! 

Back on the tour I HAD to try the unicorn frappuccino!  The theater in Appleton had a BBQ for us with cheese curds and all. I've been to Madison with my family once (my parents both went to UW) so was excited to be back in Wisconsin with all the cheese heads! Where's Bucky????

We went on a great field trip to the zoo! My favorite part was the owl and baby pumas. I wanted to see the pandas but they were in the caves sleeping :-(
We also went to a great park on the water. SD is a beautiful city and the weather was perfect! Check out some pix below:
Wow. LA was awesome! All kinds of celebs and singers came to see us, and former Llewelyn Davies boys came back for a visit... What am amazing past few weeks! 

My dad and sister came to visit and we went to Universal for my birthday. I got to see all my grandparents and my uncle and my aunt from Australia and cousins and other relatives too. 

I'll write more soon, but I wanted to share these pix below. What an incredible journey! 
On to Arizona! 
Lana Del Rey and the Neverland crew!
James Corden finds Neverland!
Neverland sisters in the house!
We are in San Francisco until February 13th when we leave for Vegas and then LA. My dad and I flew from Seattle to San Francisco last Monday with the whole company. On Tuesday we met our new tutor, Lua, who took us on a great tour of the city. We took a cable car down to Fishermans wharf, saw the sea lions and old ships and then had lunch near the water. After the tour, Finn and I walked all the way back to the hotel with my dad and Finn's mom. We walked ALL THE WAY UP LOMBARD STREET which was not easy (I have little legs). My great Aunt came to see the show on opening night and then we went sightseeing (presidio, cliff house) the next day with her and her dog. Then my dad and I took an overnight flight back to NY for the weekend for my sister's Bat Mitzvah. 
Wow, time flies when you're having fun! We've already been to 5 cities since the last time I wrote in Chicago. I've been to St. Louis, Denver, Portland, Seattle and now San Francisco since then. I've included some pics from most of these places. 

We were in Denver around the holidays in December which was awesome because my sister had off from school in NY and came to visit us with my dad for 10 days. The other boys families also were in Denver so all the sisters and parents got to spend time together. My grandparents also came for a few days so I got to spend some time with them, and my cousins who live in Boulder came to see the show and have dinner with us which was nice. 

We had a company holiday party and did a Secret Santa giveaway (I was Victoria's secret santa). It was alot of fun! My cousin Benny made all the boys fidget spinners (see pictures) which everyone liked playing with. My family and I went to Boulder and saw the Flatiron mountains (plus all the other mountains in the area). I didn't have school so we were able to do alot during the day too. We went to movies, and the mall and I got to fly my drone that I got for the holidays. 

We had our 100th show in Portland and celebrated with a TON of voodoo doughnuts! Unfortunately the weather wasn't very good and they had to cancel 3 of the shows while we were there (ice). So that was just a short trip. 

From Portland we took a bus to Seattle which also had awesome mountains. My dad came back to Seattle so that my mom could go home and be with my sister for a few weeks. We did an underground tour of Seattle, went to the Pike Market, played in a park underneath the space needle, and more! Here are some photos from Seattle:




Chicago was AMAZING! We had so many people come to visit and see the show, it was an incredible few weeks. My dad and sister came, and then my friends from NY, and then my sister surprised me and my mom by coming back with other friends of ours! PLUS, we performed in the Thanksgiving Day Parade (and met a ton of people there like Laura Bretan from AGT, the Harlem Globetrotters, STOMP, Musicality from AGT) and then had a great Thanksgiving dinner with the cast and crew. Then some of the cast members of Hamilton Chicago came to see FNL and I got to meet them. MIND BLOWN!

Here is the link to the Finding Neverland performance in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago. Fast forward to about 23 minutes in. http://wgntv.com/2016/11/24/watch-wgn-tvs-2016-mcdonalds-thanksgiving-parade-on-demand/

Here are a few pictures from our stay in Chicago...
Hey everyone I have a lot to tell you guys... 
Yesterday we went on 2 field trips, to the Great Lakes Science Museum, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The museum had a cool theatre called the dome (I will post pics of that soon). They had a movie from a squirrel's eye view which was super cool! And there was a room where you could take a picture of your shadow! Then there was kenetic sand which showed the latitude and longitude of the world. After that cool stuff we went to the... 

ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME which was only the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD (probably because I am obsessed with Rock and Roll).  They had so much history there! They had JOHN LENNON'S GUITAR!!!!!  And Keith Moon's drums (I'm a big fan of "Tommy") and Ringo's drum kit too! What could be better!

Did you know The Beatles got into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 with The Beach Boys and Bob Dylan? 
All four Beatles are now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as individual performers as well!

It definitely put me in a Beatles mood, so now I am asking everyone who reads this to COMMENT ON THIS PAGE WITH YOUR FAVORITE BEATLES SONG. I'll get things started with mine, which is "Hey Jude". 

I am loving my time in Cleveland! I hope to see you at one of my shows.


We had a great "golden day" yesterday! We went to an awesome park and also got to relax a bit. I posted new videos on the "Media" page too. Check 'em out! 

Today we're heading to the ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME! Pics from today will follow soon!