Chicago is awesome! I was here for a few weeks with Neverland (we got to perform in the Thanksgiving Day Parade) and it's great to be back. We're at the same theater too, which is cool. The Cadillac Palace theater is pretty big and very nice and not too far from the hotel (long walks after performing is not my thing). 

I loved going back to my favorite restaurants like Randolph Tavern (Mac & Cheese there is sooooo gooooood), Corner Bakery (I suggest the Mac & Cheese), Yolk (believe it or not I didn't get the Mac & Cheese), Wild Berry (PANCAKES!). 

We went to see Hamilton which rocked! the Children's Museum, Millennium Park, bowling, Navy pier, Ashleigh took me to see my first Bugati, we've been volunteering at an animal shelter every week... and, oh yeah, we're also performing for 2300 people 8 shows each week! And the audiences have been FANTASTIC! 
So, we've been a bit busy. Not too busy to have some fun though. 

Check out some pix below...

Next up: 
Greenville, Huntsville, Nashville and then Grand Rapids for Thanksgiving
In December/January  we'll be closer to home in DC and Philly!



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