Hi everyone, today was my first day of rehearsal and I want to tell you about it...
We have a very nice tutor named Drew. He'll be traveling along with me and the other boys. All the kids in the cast are so nice! Please check them out on this link. This morning we had a meet & greet with the whole cast and crew. Everyone there is so cool and friendly! You can check them out on that link as well.

After the meet and greet we read through the whole script with the cast, director (Diane Paulus) and the musical director. It was a really cool experience! My parents were there and took some of these pics (below). The cast was really good! 

Another favorite part of the day was when we choreographed "Welcome to London" (which is a new song that everyone will love)! Me and the other boys had so much fun.

It was a really fun day and I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm so happy to have these people as my new family for the next few months. 

"No matter who you are
You can do what you want
Go where you like
Be who you wanna be"
-The Finding Neverland Boys


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