Hi everyone! It is Sunday the 25th and I'm going to Buffalo on Tuesday and I am so excited! Before I tell you about rehearsals so far I want to give a shout out to Finn Faulconer because it's his birthday today. Check out his instagram here.

Today we had a day off and tomorrow we're going through the whole entire show. Rehearsals have been really great so far because the cast is so nice and helpful. I'm starting to get along with everyone really well. Some of them have been on Broadway and have a lot of experience being on stage which is awesome because they can give me a lot of helpful advice. 

Our tutor Drew (see pic above) has made school a lot of fun. He likes to make funny jokes while having a serious face, which makes me laugh. In the beginning of school Drew gives us a chart with everything that we have to do for the day. We can skip around the schedule, watch YouTube videos on history and science and at the end of the day we all play fun educational games. Another fun part about school is that I make fun games in my notebook about Finding Neverland and we all play them. Drew has made school less boring. 

I'm so pumped up for this adventure to start. I hope to see you in Buffalo. Check out the "Finding Neverland" tab on this site for ticket info.  Thanks for reading and check back weekly for new posts! Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.  Thank you. 



09/25/2016 6:28pm

It's not on any chart,
you must find it with your heart.

It's an awesome quest.
Break a leg.

01/31/2017 9:44pm

Wow! I bet you really enjoyed your day! I can see it in your smiles! I am amazed because when I was your age, I think all I did was watch and play with my sisters inside. I am never an out goer, you see. I just like being alone most of the times. I have my own world. Anyway, I am really glad that you are doing new and exciting things! Well, that is really good for all of you. Why don't you try visiting some other awesome places though? I bet you will definitely love it. Just please go with some guardians, okay?

07/15/2017 5:08am

Being happy is for most of us one of the key aims in life. Enjoying the journey leading to the goal is as important as achieving the goal. Allowing the journey to divinely unfold is the secret to balance and success. I’ve always found it really important to enjoy each step of the journey that I’ve been on and not just hoping to be happier at some point later in my life. And when we’ve hopefully found them, it’s so important to enjoy each moment of that relationship, not always be looking to the future.


Happy birthday to you and a warm wishes for you from my side. I hope that you had spend that day well an enjoyed the company of the people around you and your closed ones.

01/02/2017 12:26pm

You look so excited on this photo! I hope it will be a great adventure for you.

01/19/2017 12:56am

Hope to see you the next time in Buffalo! What is your next destination?

06/15/2017 3:28am

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