WOW. Big News! I am going to be playing Gavroche on the upcoming National tour of Les Miserables. Who would have thought when I saw this play on Broadway 4 years ago that I would be up there myself singing some of my favorite songs in one of my favorite musicals of all time! I don't know what to say except I am super excited and looking forward to getting started. Rehearsals start Monday!!!!

Check out the "Les Miserables Dates & Tix" tab above for upcoming dates and to purchase tickets. 
Click the link below for the announcement and to see all the great performers I'll be on stage with.

"So... tomorrow then, for more adventures"
This is what the Llewelyn Davies boys did during our most recent Golden Day in Florida  (plus a little swimming, baseball, basketball and sleepover action). It's a version of a song from Finding Neverland with a Rory Donovan twist. Check out the original on the soundtrack!
I'm heading home after 10 great months on the road. Here's our last soundcheck (in 2 parts) before Mitchell, Finn, Ben and I leave Neverland (our last show is 6/25).
Thanks Corey Rives for taking these for me! Which do you guys think I should use?
My sister and dad came to visit us in New Orleans.  We got to spend Mothers Day together which was great.
The theater was incredible, the ceiling looks like you're outside. The hotel was nice and walking distance to the theater which was cool. My dad and I went to the WWII museum. Awesome planes and tanks there! We had a second line band escort us to the theater one day. My dad showed me Bourbon street and told me about Mardi Gras. AND WE GOT TO SWIM!!!!
We loved San Antonio!  The river walk was awesome. We had a fun boat ride, The Majestic theater was really nice. We had an  interview for TV. Went to the Alamo and had yummy Mexican food.
We spent our golden day at a fun playground.
During the bus ride from Houston to San Antonio we stopped at a super fun rest stop (rated number 1 in the country).
Traveling back to the tour after 5 great days at home. I got to see my friends and family which was nice. I hadn't been back home for more than 2 days since September! 

Back on the tour I HAD to try the unicorn frappuccino!  The theater in Appleton had a BBQ for us with cheese curds and all. I've been to Madison with my family once (my parents both went to UW) so was excited to be back in Wisconsin with all the cheese heads! Where's Bucky????

We went on a great field trip to the zoo! My favorite part was the owl and baby pumas. I wanted to see the pandas but they were in the caves sleeping :-(
We also went to a great park on the water. SD is a beautiful city and the weather was perfect! Check out some pix below: