Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't written for a little while. We are about to leave Pittsburgh and I just wanted to give you a short summary of what's been happening the past few days... 

On my golden day (no school, no show and no travel), I went to a great park here with an awesome playground with a few of the other boys. It was a beautiful warm day and we had a lot of fun. 

We're not really in a routine yet, but eventually I should have about 4 hours of school each day and the show every night (sometimes 2 shows per day). We grab something to eat in between school and the show every night. Sometimes we have an hour, sometimes more. We try different restaurants and I've discovered some great places to eat (mostly mac & cheese, pizza, burgers, pasta). If you ever want to know the best places for those foods in Buffalo and Pittsburgh let me know. We've gone to Bill's Burgers a few times in Pittsburgh because it's in the hotel and it's pretty good. We watched a little of the Badgers football game there on Saturday (they won! Go Badgers!).

My sister and dad came for the weekend (it's only a 6 hour drive from Westchester). They got to see Eli perform as Peter a few times (this is his home town so he had a lot of people in the audience which was great). We had some good meals and got to spend some family time together which was nice. Unfortunately we didn't get a lot of sleep the past few nights because there was a fire alarm at 3am in the hotel and the night after there were some loud neighbors who woke us up.

I miss a few things from home, like my family and friends, but this has been such a great tour so far, and a great experience that I hope lasts forever.

Here's the link again for the tour dates. If you know anyone in these cities please tell them to come see the show. Or if you can come, I'd love that as well.


-Jordan Cole
Anyone have a Ukelele?
Some of us went to Niagara Falls, which was incredible!
Wow! What a great week its been. Doing interviews, going to parties, signing autographs... it's been so amazing I don't even know where to start. So, i'll share some pics for now.

Some stage shots....
Some party shots...
PictureDiane Paulus (Director), Dee Tomasetta (Peter Pan) and Mia Michaels (Choreographer)

I love meeting fans of the show!