We are in San Francisco until February 13th when we leave for Vegas and then LA. My dad and I flew from Seattle to San Francisco last Monday with the whole company. On Tuesday we met our new tutor, Lua, who took us on a great tour of the city. We took a cable car down to Fishermans wharf, saw the sea lions and old ships and then had lunch near the water. After the tour, Finn and I walked all the way back to the hotel with my dad and Finn's mom. We walked ALL THE WAY UP LOMBARD STREET which was not easy (I have little legs). My great Aunt came to see the show on opening night and then we went sightseeing (presidio, cliff house) the next day with her and her dog. Then my dad and I took an overnight flight back to NY for the weekend for my sister's Bat Mitzvah. 
Wow, time flies when you're having fun! We've already been to 5 cities since the last time I wrote in Chicago. I've been to St. Louis, Denver, Portland, Seattle and now San Francisco since then. I've included some pics from most of these places. 

We were in Denver around the holidays in December which was awesome because my sister had off from school in NY and came to visit us with my dad for 10 days. The other boys families also were in Denver so all the sisters and parents got to spend time together. My grandparents also came for a few days so I got to spend some time with them, and my cousins who live in Boulder came to see the show and have dinner with us which was nice. 

We had a company holiday party and did a Secret Santa giveaway (I was Victoria's secret santa). It was alot of fun! My cousin Benny made all the boys fidget spinners (see pictures) which everyone liked playing with. My family and I went to Boulder and saw the Flatiron mountains (plus all the other mountains in the area). I didn't have school so we were able to do alot during the day too. We went to movies, and the mall and I got to fly my drone that I got for the holidays. 

We had our 100th show in Portland and celebrated with a TON of voodoo doughnuts! Unfortunately the weather wasn't very good and they had to cancel 3 of the shows while we were there (ice). So that was just a short trip. 

From Portland we took a bus to Seattle which also had awesome mountains. My dad came back to Seattle so that my mom could go home and be with my sister for a few weeks. We did an underground tour of Seattle, went to the Pike Market, played in a park underneath the space needle, and more! Here are some photos from Seattle: